SINCE 2001





Crane Maintenance, Marine Vessels, Portable Buildings, Major Onshore and Offshore Construction Services, Operations and Maintenance Services, Facilities Management, Sub-sea Services and Structures


New Energy Services Company Limited (NESSCO) is an ISO:9001 and BS OHSAS 18001 certified company, focused on the provision of handling and supporting all aspects of the oil and gas sector through its various capabilities, competence and wealth of experience, enabling a wide range of products and services such as;
  1. Lifting equipment accessories and other related services.
  2. Provision of Engineering Services 
  3. Marine Services provision of Supply Vessels, Anchor Handling Tug Support Vessels, Multi-purpose Vessels, Fast Intervention Supply Vessels, Accomodation Vessels etc.
  4. Provision of Portable Buildings ( NESSCOCABIN ).
  5. Procurement, Supply and Maintenance of Pipelines, Valves and Pressure Sensors.
  6. Community Relation Services ( Logistic and Security Services )

Through technology advancement, we carry out all our in-house engine overhauling with local service companies in partnership with the OEM.

We are dedicated and poised towards our goal of enriching and upgrading the local content of the Nigerian Oil and gas industry.

Exclusive Technical Partnership

In our bid to offer world class service and bring in expertise knowledge to profer solution in our area of specialization , we have entered into technical partnership with specialized companies with global experience and international standards, which includes:

  • JD NEUHAUS ( Hoists and Trolleys ).
  • VAN LEUSDEN ( Special Cranes and Components )
  • ITP

We are working together with our technical partners to fully achieve the goal and directives of the Nigerian Content Policy for technology and plant resources to be domiciled in Nigeria.



The management of New Energy Services Company Limited (NESSCO) is committed to a safe system of work which enhances the safety of all employees, contractors, suppliers and clients by implementing adequate control, and standards which are friendly to the environment through continuous improvement and performance of the safety management system.

We shall achieve this goal by setting targets aimed at fulfilling a set of broad objectives and values, which represent our obligations to business stakeholders and the society, as well as ourselves. Both the management and personnel of New Energy Services Company Limited (NESSCO) are committed to:

  1. Meeting statutory requirements and dedicated to performing our work in the safest manner that satisfies customer expectations.
  2. Open communication with all employees, contractors, suppliers and clients on matters relating to occupational health and safety.
  3. Provide needed information for safe and efficient operations, to empower, train our workforce.
  4. Manage and control risk through the identification of hazards, provision and maintenance of equipment fit for purpose and training in safety skills and knowledge.
  5. Recognize our accountability for the care and safety of each other at work and the consequences of our action.
  6. Hold all levels of management accountability for health and safety matters in their areas.
  7. The safety of employees and third parties over all other interests and demands. This policy and the entire management system of NESSCO will be regularly reviewed for suitability and effective implementation. Everyone in our operations is not only empowered, but obligated to STOP a job that places the health and safety of people at risk.

NESSCO has been using state-of-the-art Quality Assurance methodologies and practices in all its projects. This commitment to quality is NESSCO's core objective as we believe this is the only way to ensure customer satisfaction. NESSCO's Quality Management System ensures that processes and service delivery conform to the specified requirements, standards and procedures. NESSCO has been developing a set of procedures, guidelines and project documents for business processes based on the best industry practices and quality standards: ISO 9001. Compliance with established requirements, standards and procedures is evaluated through process monitoring, product evaluation, audits and testing. These activities enable us to measure, assess and enhance the company's functions to ensure efficient performance and high quality project implementation.

New Energy Services Company Limited (NESSCO) is a 100% indigenous company that provide specialist services to the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry. We recruit young engineers and technicians especially from our work environment. They are trained to world class standards to continually render services professionally.

Nigerian Content Strategy
is built on the ethos of Corporate Social Responsibility and we agree to meet the needs of the present without compromising the ability of the future generations to meet their own needs. Our strategy is to develop local manpower, technology, economy and the environment.

Base Facility
We operate from our base located on 55 Trans-Amadi Industrial Layout Port-Harcourt, Rivers State Nigeria. In place at the yard are all relevant equipment; maintenance facilities, Spares etc . Also NESSCO has gotten a Long-term lease for a 30,000 sqm of land from Lekki Free Trade Zone, which we intend develop to enhance our operations in future.

The base office is equipped with various communication links such as Internet, Radiophone Communication, and Wireless phone communication to facilitate the smooth running of our operations. Currently, our base is undergoing major upgrades to accommodate a state of the art workshop for our operations,maintenance and repair services. NESSCO supports the growth in the Nigerian Content of our projects by ensuring that all efforts are made to recruit and employ Local Nationals.

Local Manpower Development 
New Energy Services Company Limited (NESSCO) recruits from where it works as a standard rule. Aside the ethics behind our policy, our engineers and technicians are sent on cross posting to our partner’s worksites all over the world for on the job skill acquisition and to other african countries to lead new projects. 95% of the company employees are Nigerian nationals and to maintain / increase this percentage; the company has a pro- active Nigerian employment policy, with a strong emphasis on recruiting from the project environ.

For nearly 10 years, sustainability has been integral to NESSCO’s operations and success. NESSCO’s sustainability mission envisions meeting the needs of our clients while conducting business in a socially, economically, and environmentally responsible manner to the benefit of all parties, thereby creating value for all stakeholders.

Everyday, New Energy Services Company Limited (NESSCO) helps clients safeguard the environment, conserve energy, protect lives, and strengthen the economies and social structures of communities in which NESSCOemployees work and live. At NESSCO, leadership in sustainability is more than just a responsibility; it is a privilege.